Thursday, 24 September 2015

Week-End break! (sort of)

Hi folks,

I will be with my kids this week-end so that means no update or whatsoever until monday. The OdySim is ready to be released but before i will release it, i want to finish the manual first because this will be very helpful to anyone who never tried out an Magnavox Odyssey.

But since i'm making people waiting (shame on me!), i have a little surprise for you all! Does anyone knows the Epoch Electrotennis (also AKA as Electronic Tennis) ? Well in case some of you are wondering what it is, here's a picture of the console:

There is also a clone of this console, the "Video Game Tennis" which was an exclusive Japanese store release (err...i don't remember which one...). Anyhow, those two game consoles were based on the Magnavox Odyssey technology and it was the very first "Japanese-made" (not the first video game console to be released in Japan, that honor goes to....Odyssey! and by...Nintendo! NO JOKE!). Now that would be logical since Nintendo did make the Rifle Guns for Magnavox, but that's another story.

So going back to what i wanted to write, since i won't be making any progress this wee-end, here's the surprise in question: Version 0.2 of the Epoch Electrotennis. Just click on the link and extract the files where you want it. Some of you will surely ask: Why version 0.2 ? Well i did this simulator back in January 2013 as a test out my coding in LUA, which help a lot to code the OdySim.

Oh and here's a question to any "die-hard" game collector: This game console has the exact gameplay of a game console released in the United States but also in U.K., in Europe (brandless) and in Korea by Hanu Electronics (all these are clones of the Epoch Electrotennis BTW). (Yup, i did my homework...LOL!)

So download the Epoch Electrotennis simulator and have a great week-end folks! =)

Here's a few screenshot of the Epoch Electrotennis simulator:

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