Sunday, 20 September 2015

Second update: Splash screen and sounds

Just before going to bed last night, i added a splash screen (intro screen) in which we see Ralph Baer leaning on a old television and on the screen of the TV, we see a picture of both William's Harrison and Rusch with a small screen shot of Table Tennis. When seeing the splash screen, we hear a voice saying "Magnavox presents Odyssey" which i ripped from a promotional video announcing the Magnavox Odyssey. Also, the splash screen lasts only 3 seconds before changing to the menu which i thought it was a good timing.

The voice was the first sound i have put into the simulator long ago but i also added a small kind of "ping" sound when you are browsing the game menu so that the simulator does work with sound and not like in the preview video, the first version of the simulator didn't had any sound accept for the voice intro.

So that only leaves doing instruction sheets for each game before the first release of the OdySim. There are 40 games listed and two games i am waiting for approval before adding them and i have only made so far instruction sheets for Analogic and Cat & Mouse, so only 36 sheets to go! :P

OUPS! Correction...only 35 instruction sheets to go, just remembered that cart #11 doesn't have any instructions (like Homer would say: DOH!).

--- Sly DC ---

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