Thursday, 27 October 2016

Reply to Brian aka CN10

First, sorry for the late reply Brian. I try my best to post, reply and code as much as i can but with kids, work and all the shi-bang isn't easy to have some free time. Hope you understand. :)

You sent me two comment, which are: "Thanks again for your hard work, and keeping the magic alive!! on October 13 and this one: "Okay, it worked; Now we all want to see the homebrews" on October 17.

My reply: "Thanks very much Brian but like i wrote that it's not easy to have free time with all that surrounds us (kids, work, etc) and i'm trying my best...well more like trying to find some time mostly (lol!). And as for the homebrews, i will show in due time (sorry, need to keep some mysteries to spice this!).

Not long after Halloween, i'll post the "Xmas" homebrew to satisfy the curiosity of certain readers (grin). In the meantime, have a safe and a Happy Halloween!

New version of "Haunted House"!

Hi folks!

As promised, i have finally updated the game "Haunted House" to the newer version of  LÖVE 0.10.1 and all the cards are now included witht the game (fully simulated). Please read the "OdySim-Haunted-ReadMe.txt" file inside the zip file.

For downloading, you can click "HERE" or in the right menu. The two next game to get an updated will be "Hockey" (the new season just began!) and "Submarine", and hopefully that it won't take a few months...(heh!) =P

And also, i'll have a new game (well...sort of) for Christmas that coming soon and this will be the first "Xmas-theme" game for the Odyssey!

EOL! (In this case for Halloween, End Of Life!! MOUHAHAHAH!!!!)

--- Sly "Crazy" DC --- =P

Sunday, 16 October 2016

OdySim 2016-2017

Hi folks!

Until the end of this year (2016) and to the next (2017), here is what i intend to do step by step as my "frre-time" is almost non-existant since this summer:

All the original 12 games that came with the ITL200 will be released in 3 waves and each will be individual games with the LÖVE version 0.10.1:

1st wave: Tennis (already released), Haunted House (trying to release it before Halloween), Hockey and Submarine.

2nd wave: Analogic, Cat and Mouse, Ski and Table Tennis.

3rd wave: Football, Roulette, Simon Says and States.

4th wave: All 4 games for the Rifle Gun (Dogfight, Prehistoric Safari, Shooting Gallery and Shootout).

5th wave: All the extra games of 1972 (Baseball, Fun Zoo, Handball, Invasion, Volleyball and Wipeout).

6th wave: All the extra games of 1973 + 2 exclusives (Basketball, Brainwave, Interplanetary Voyage, W.I.N. + Percepts (giveaway) and Soccer (European released only)).

7th wave: Homebrews by Robert A. Vinciguerra, Chris Read and ManCaveArcade (Odball, Menthis Cohorts, Dodgeball, Odyssey Evil and Red-Blue) (Note; Missing approval of ManCaveArcade as i still haven't asked his permission).

8th wave: All my Homebrews i did since 2009 (Steps & Slides, Monopoly (OdySim Edition), Alien Invaders (Rifle game), Duck Hunting (Rifle game), Super Blip!, Two-for-Tennis (hommage to William Higinbotham and Robert Dvorak), Vector Tennis, Bull's Eye, Bean Tossin', DOT Pigeons (Rigfle game), Maze-A-Chase and Air Hockey (Sanders Associates Edition)).

NOTE: BTW, i have more Homebrews i did since i've started this project...Hey! Can't tell you everything as i need some mysteries to spice up this blog! (LOL!)

I will have problems to release the 5th wave of games as two of them (Baseball and Invasion) are still missing pictures/scans of certain accesories to be able to fully simulate them:

* Game Board
* Scoreboard (i could replicate it)
* All CARDS: x26 Line Up Cards (x13 blue and x13 red), x10 Power Cards, x10 Big Break Cards (all cards each both sides)

* x40 Treasure Loot Cards (each both sides)
* x4 Ship tokens (each both sides)

If anyone can provide great pictures or scans (minimum 300 DPI), i will very very thankful! =)

So this is my "rap sheet" for this upcoming 2016-2017 period and hoping that i will have the time needed to do all this!

So until next time... EOL! =)

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Reply to CN10

Hi Brian (aka CN10)!

Sorry for the very late reply, been so much busy these past 3 months that seems only 2 weeks has past. I'll have some "me-time" next weekend (finally!) so i'll try my best to finish the Haunted House game with all accessories by Halloween and "if" i can, i'll try to release other Odyssey games.

Maybe one day, i could simulate the "Odyssey Evil" (and the bonus game: Spirit Portal) game by "ManCaveArcade" but i have to ask him permission first and will need better pictures and scans as i have only low-rez pictures. I know, this game is very gory-looking but has Halloween written all over it. Just check the posts on AtariAge: Odyssey Evil Homebrew Official Pre-Order Thread Only 25 copies

So there's at least two Halloween-theme games for the Magnavox Odyssey but no Christmas-theme one as Xmas is also coming in less than 3 months. Anyone up to make a Xmas homebrew game for the Odyssey ? Oh wait!... i may have one in mind! I'll share it very soon! 

EOL =)