Friday, 20 January 2017

Fun Zoo, Handball and Volleyball now available!

Hi folks!

Today i'm releasing 3 games from  the "Extra Games of 1972 series" which are: Fun Zoo, Handball and Volleyball. Here's some screenshots:

I even added a new Volleyball overlay which features women silhouettes playing on a beach. I know that the overlay is dark but it's easier to see the net, ball and the two bats (aka spots).That overlay was inspired by the last Olympics as any of these ladies could beat my sorry ass with a hand tied (i know, i suck at!).

And please folks, read the "Read Me" text to know which buttons does what for each games. I was also going to release the homebrew game "Dodgeball" but i want to be sure that the author (Chris Read) will like the last version i've made so i'm waiting for him if it's OK or not.

The next batch of games will be Basketball and Percepts as these are already finished but want eventually to release both these games with Dodgeball and if Dodgeball isn't still approved by then, i'll release only those two.

So until the next release, enjoy these 3 games released today! =)


P.S: Since doesn't like many updates, here's the links of all 3 games:

* Fun Zoo: OdySim-FunZoo(0-10-1).zip

* Handball: OdySim-Handball(0-10-1).zip

* Volleyball: OdySim-Volleyball(0-10-1).zip

These (and future releases) will be available on my server of my personnal web site until i will upload them to

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Finally, posted comments works!

Hi again folks,

After a couple of months, i can finally post comments in the comment section. Seems there were a bug as my Google account was never showing in the add comments section, so now if you post a comment, i can reply in that same section...booya!

So Brian, check my reply! =)


Captain Bruce and his Cosmic Boomerang: only few copies left for sale!

Hiya folks!

As i was catching up on the AA forum (Atari Age), Chris Read (aka atari2600land) was taking pre-order of his second Magnavox Odyssey hombrew "Captain Bruce and his Cosmic Boomerang" since October 2014 and finally released (miss that!) his homebrew in March 2016.

Since he's only making 15 copies in the initial run (more if many requests) and already a few are sold, so that's leaves only a handfull of copies left. So if you wanna "spice up" or simply collect for your Magnavox Odyssey, then this is your chance to get this lastest Odyssey homebrew before it's all gone.

Chis only ask $10 for his homebrew game...Yes! you're reading it right...Just $10 and you get:

* Instructions
* overlay
* small Captain Bruce comic book
* proof of purchase paper
* and a surprise.

This is so cheap it's a steal! As for shipping and to order a copy, PM Chris on Atari Age and read the thread here: Another Captain Bruce pre-preorder thread (Odyssey 1).

I'll make a review once i get my copy, and in the meanwhile i'll post tonight or tomorrow some new releases. (PS: read the thread to know which games...heh..heh...heh...)


Friday, 13 January 2017

Odyssey in Scratch

Hi again folks!

Today, i don't have any new simulated games to download BUT... there is some Odyssey games that you can play ONLINE...yep online, which were coded by FanAngryBirds and done in "Scratch". You can visit and play all his Magnavox Odyssey games as well as Odyssey 100, 200, 300 and 400 by checking this URL: Magnavox Odyssey revisited

Those simulated games are quite good to play but the only thing is that apart of overlays, all games doesn't simulate any other accessories. So if you wanna play some of the Odyssey games online then this is the next best thing.

FanAngrBirds divided the games by cartridges, which you can access them individually:

To play Table Tennis: Cartridge #1

To play Ski and Simon Says: Cartridge #2

To play Analogic, Tennis or Hockey: Cartridge #3

To play Cat and Mouse & Haunted House: Cartridge #4

To play Submarine: Cartridge #5

To play Roulette and States: Cartridge #6

As you can see, it's only missing the Football game which takes Cartridge #3 and #4 to play. So enjoy these "online" games and two thumbs up for FanAngryBirds for coding these games!

EOL (need to "scratch" my back...LOL!!!)

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Roulette & all x4 Rifle Gun Games released!

Hiya folks!

Seems that i'm again on a rampage to release OdySim games! Yesturday, i've released the game "Football" and a few days ago: "Simon Says" and "States" and today, the final game of the original Pack-in... "Roulette"!

But that's not all, i've also finished all four "Rifle Gun" games (aka the Shooting Gallery pack):

I've included a "shotgun" sound so that it would be more accurate (and fun too) than just hearing a "click" sound when pulling the trigger of the Rifle Gun. You can activate the sound with F12 and the crosshair (aka the Rifle) is controlled with the mouse or the keypad.

All four games (Dogfight, Prehistoric afari, Shooting Gallery and Shootout) are zipped into one file, which like usual, you can download in the menu on the right of this blog.

I will also put all 12 original games in one zip later this month for easier downloading, so not too shabby releasing 8 games in about a week (LOL!!). So now what is left are all "Extra" games and "Homebrews" to code and i'll be releasing the easiest one first and the harder to simulate (meaning simulating many accessories like Football...) this winter.

Here's the list of "Extra" games: Baseball, Fun Zoo, Handball, Invasion, Volleyball, Wipeout, Basketball, Brainwave, Interplanetary Voyage and W.I.N. Also, there is a Giveaway game (Percepts) and an European exclusive "Football or Fusbal" (aka Soccer) which uses two cartridges (cart #3 and #5).

And for the "Homebrews" games: Odball, Mentis Cohorts, Dodgeball, Odyssey Evil and Red vs Blue. Only "Dodgeball" has been approved so far and i'm waiting for M. Vinciguerra  (aka Zodac) to see if he's giving me permission (or not) to preseve his games and i need to contact ManCaveArcade for his "Odyssey Evil" game.

And i have a bunch of brew games i've done myself, some are crappy and some are nice. I have x13 brew gams and i only released the last one (Santa's Gifts Hunt - model SBRW13) as an individual game.

So have fun playing all these games for now and don't hesitate to write or comment! =)

EOL (for today...)

Monday, 2 January 2017

Football now available!

Hi folks!

Hope you all had a great time during the holidays. OK now we begin a new year (2017) and to start it, the game "Football" is now available. This one was a damn pain in the @$$ to code as it uses not 15 or 20 but 40 buttons to be able to play it...YUP...40 buttons!! So i strongly suggest to read the "OdySim-Football-ReadMe.txt" file inside the zip file.

Player 1 and Player uses the same buttons layout as all other games so that leaves 26 buttons to know, which are:

'ESC' = Quit/Exit 
'P' = Pause
'F1' = To switch from windowed screen or Fullscreen (fullscreen now default)
'F5' = Toggles OSD Message (resolution) 
'F7' = Changes resolution (size decreases)
'F8' = Changes resolution (size increases)
'F9' = Displays overlay or not 
'F11' = Toggle between no scoreboard/small/big scoreboard (press to rotate displays)
'F12' = Toggles Sound! (and displays a small yellow icon in upper-left corner)

'1' = Display a "PASS" card randomly
'2' = Display a "RUN" card randomly
'3' = Display a "KICK OFF" card randomly
'4' = Display a "PUNT" card randomly
'5' = Display a "PLAY" card randomly
'6' = To cancel displaying ANY card(s)

'9' = To display both dice and to stop/run randomly
'0' = To cancel displaying both dice

'Z' = To rotate numbers for "DOWNS" on big scoreboard
'X' = To rotate numbers for "QUARTER" on big scoreboard
'C' = To rotate numbers for "PLAYS" on big scoreboard

'F10' = To switch between game and Football Board
'G' = To position the FOOTBALL TOKEN (to the Right)
'H' = To position the FOOTBALL TOKEN (to the Left)
'J' = To position the YARDAGE TOKEN (to the Right)
'K' = To position the YARDAGE TOKEN (to the Left)

and finally: 'F3' = To switch between cart #3 and cart #4

By default, it is cart #3 when starting a game. You need to press "F3" to change between cart #3 and #4 as this game uses both cartridges. It will display "CART 4" in red in the upper-right corner to know which cart you're playing.

Finally finished this game....BUT...there is many others to do and especially "Roulette" to finish the original pack-in games which will be released during this month. In the meantime, enjoy this release! =)