Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Roulette & all x4 Rifle Gun Games released!

Hiya folks!

Seems that i'm again on a rampage to release OdySim games! Yesturday, i've released the game "Football" and a few days ago: "Simon Says" and "States" and today, the final game of the original Pack-in... "Roulette"!

But that's not all, i've also finished all four "Rifle Gun" games (aka the Shooting Gallery pack):

I've included a "shotgun" sound so that it would be more accurate (and fun too) than just hearing a "click" sound when pulling the trigger of the Rifle Gun. You can activate the sound with F12 and the crosshair (aka the Rifle) is controlled with the mouse or the keypad.

All four games (Dogfight, Prehistoric afari, Shooting Gallery and Shootout) are zipped into one file, which like usual, you can download in the menu on the right of this blog.

I will also put all 12 original games in one zip later this month for easier downloading, so not too shabby releasing 8 games in about a week (LOL!!). So now what is left are all "Extra" games and "Homebrews" to code and i'll be releasing the easiest one first and the harder to simulate (meaning simulating many accessories like Football...) this winter.

Here's the list of "Extra" games: Baseball, Fun Zoo, Handball, Invasion, Volleyball, Wipeout, Basketball, Brainwave, Interplanetary Voyage and W.I.N. Also, there is a Giveaway game (Percepts) and an European exclusive "Football or Fusbal" (aka Soccer) which uses two cartridges (cart #3 and #5).

And for the "Homebrews" games: Odball, Mentis Cohorts, Dodgeball, Odyssey Evil and Red vs Blue. Only "Dodgeball" has been approved so far and i'm waiting for M. Vinciguerra  (aka Zodac) to see if he's giving me permission (or not) to preseve his games and i need to contact ManCaveArcade for his "Odyssey Evil" game.

And i have a bunch of brew games i've done myself, some are crappy and some are nice. I have x13 brew gams and i only released the last one (Santa's Gifts Hunt - model SBRW13) as an individual game.

So have fun playing all these games for now and don't hesitate to write or comment! =)

EOL (for today...)


  1. Thank you so much for your dedication.
    I am really enjoying your work, and i am really happy to find someone so devoted to preserve the history of videogame.

    Because of you many videogame enthusiastics will have the chance to play this games and experiment this console.

    Thank you

  2. Hi _Vin_,

    And i thank you for the kind words. I'm just trying to simulate the Holy Grail of all video game consoles/systems the best i can. Very glad that you like it and that people will enjoy them too. =)

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  4. Hi there!

    And thank you to take the time to post your comment and the kind words! =)

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