Friday, 20 January 2017

Fun Zoo, Handball and Volleyball now available!

Hi folks!

Today i'm releasing 3 games from  the "Extra Games of 1972 series" which are: Fun Zoo, Handball and Volleyball. Here's some screenshots:

I even added a new Volleyball overlay which features women silhouettes playing on a beach. I know that the overlay is dark but it's easier to see the net, ball and the two bats (aka spots).That overlay was inspired by the last Olympics as any of these ladies could beat my sorry ass with a hand tied (i know, i suck at!).

And please folks, read the "Read Me" text to know which buttons does what for each games. I was also going to release the homebrew game "Dodgeball" but i want to be sure that the author (Chris Read) will like the last version i've made so i'm waiting for him if it's OK or not.

The next batch of games will be Basketball and Percepts as these are already finished but want eventually to release both these games with Dodgeball and if Dodgeball isn't still approved by then, i'll release only those two.

So until the next release, enjoy these 3 games released today! =)


P.S: Since doesn't like many updates, here's the links of all 3 games:

* Fun Zoo: OdySim-FunZoo(0-10-1).zip

* Handball: OdySim-Handball(0-10-1).zip

* Volleyball: OdySim-Volleyball(0-10-1).zip

These (and future releases) will be available on my server of my personnal web site until i will upload them to


  1. Quick fun trick: Turn on the snow on the Santa's Gifts screen, and then put one of the paddles/squares in the bottom right corner. If you bring it up to the house just right it looks like a car with bright headlights pulling into the driveway. (Yeah, I understand it's not the same as taking a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon, but in the Magnavox Odyssey universe, you have to be grateful and appreciative of the small things--Sorta like the rest of life!)

    1. Heh! We should put this as a secret trick or some sort! ;)

  2. Brilliant work! I'm avidly following your releases now :)

    1. Thanks very much Derf! Other releases are coming very soon! =)

  3. Nice work SlyDC, didn't know you were up to this. Is this a simulation of the actual circuit ?

    1. Hi Paul and thanks! Well, many parts of the Magnavox Odyssey are indeed simulated and someothers are add-ons that could have been done back then. One of the things which not lik the real Odyssey or the OdyEmu is that the English is self-centering in the OdySim, which is easier for people who never tried or played the Odyssey.

      The earliest version of the OdySim about 5-6 years ago, i was simulating each "baby" board of the Odyssey individually and as my skills became better, i finally put all the simulated circuits into one file and the project finally became what it is now.

      Hope you don't mind the newer version of the OdyEmu! ;)

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