Friday, 13 January 2017

Odyssey in Scratch

Hi again folks!

Today, i don't have any new simulated games to download BUT... there is some Odyssey games that you can play ONLINE...yep online, which were coded by FanAngryBirds and done in "Scratch". You can visit and play all his Magnavox Odyssey games as well as Odyssey 100, 200, 300 and 400 by checking this URL: Magnavox Odyssey revisited

Those simulated games are quite good to play but the only thing is that apart of overlays, all games doesn't simulate any other accessories. So if you wanna play some of the Odyssey games online then this is the next best thing.

FanAngrBirds divided the games by cartridges, which you can access them individually:

To play Table Tennis: Cartridge #1

To play Ski and Simon Says: Cartridge #2

To play Analogic, Tennis or Hockey: Cartridge #3

To play Cat and Mouse & Haunted House: Cartridge #4

To play Submarine: Cartridge #5

To play Roulette and States: Cartridge #6

As you can see, it's only missing the Football game which takes Cartridge #3 and #4 to play. So enjoy these "online" games and two thumbs up for FanAngryBirds for coding these games!

EOL (need to "scratch" my back...LOL!!!)


  1. Hi, Thanks for the links and to FanAngryBirds. Because of Time I've been way behind in my OdySim progress. I got a chance to play Analogic (Note to developers--Avoid using a name that the players are sure to goof on). It's kind of a precursor to the "brain games" apps of today. Adding the chips is a great detail. I love the newest submarine score board. I guess there's no point in moving the left paddle in that game, as the "torpedo" always launches from the center. Regarding Santa's Gift Hunt, what can I say, It's really outstanding! After play testing it a bit (with real dice, as I got lazy of hitting the 5 and 6 keys), I'd suggest an additional rule: At every fork in the road, the player rolls again. If an odd number they take the East fork, and if the role is even they take the West fork.

    One of the really cool things about this game is how adaptable it could be to other themes. For example it could be a sword and sorcery theme--like "Escape the Dungeon." Or A great adaptation would be a combat game with the added dimension of: Every turn the player gets to fire on the enemy player, no english allowed, just a straight horizontal shot (which would make the game exciting because it wouldn't be that common to be lined up to take a straight shot). If shot--victim goes back to the beginning. (The theme could be Outlaws both trying the reach the train station with the most gold they've picked up).

    I can't wait to play the gun games. I may try to output it to a CRT monitor (maybe the dying Amiga monitor) for authentic light gun gaming goodness.

    Thanks again for the games and all the hard work, your Exellency!

  2. I forgot to ask: Is there a way to get the snow in the Santa game, or was that only a Demo for the youtube video?

    Thanks again

  3. Hi Brian! (aka CN10)

    As always, i love reading your comments and suggestions. It's always a pleasure! :)

    Your suggestion to add another rule for Snata's Gifts Hunt is very good BUT i won't add this suggestion as the game is already released but be sure i will keep this in mind for another homebrew as per your other brew suggestions like a D&D or combat game.

    LOL!! Yes, there is a way for the "snow effect" and seems that you didn't read the "Read-Me" text as it says (sort of) which button activate the falling snow.

    Here's a copy of the read-me text:

    '1' = Err...what this thing does ?? - Press again to stop.

    That's all i'll say...heh, heh, heh... (i'm a bad elf! LOL!). Thanks and keep those coming! =)

  4. Wow! That snow was a bit of Odyssey magic. Kind of a great easter egg (that I myself was not able to find even when given highlighted map!).

    Ok fun time is over, I have to try to figure out Football (and thanks for the herculean coding effort).

    Also, not sure how the other fans feel, but I liked it better when the games opened in less than full-screen. I need to have the read-me texts (thanks for those,as well) open when I'm playing the game and my computer doesn't always handle the full screen effect well (just my personal thoughts.)

    Looking forward to Basketball in particular, and thanks again for all you do.