Thursday, 19 January 2017

Captain Bruce and his Cosmic Boomerang: only few copies left for sale!

Hiya folks!

As i was catching up on the AA forum (Atari Age), Chris Read (aka atari2600land) was taking pre-order of his second Magnavox Odyssey hombrew "Captain Bruce and his Cosmic Boomerang" since October 2014 and finally released (miss that!) his homebrew in March 2016.

Since he's only making 15 copies in the initial run (more if many requests) and already a few are sold, so that's leaves only a handfull of copies left. So if you wanna "spice up" or simply collect for your Magnavox Odyssey, then this is your chance to get this lastest Odyssey homebrew before it's all gone.

Chis only ask $10 for his homebrew game...Yes! you're reading it right...Just $10 and you get:

* Instructions
* overlay
* small Captain Bruce comic book
* proof of purchase paper
* and a surprise.

This is so cheap it's a steal! As for shipping and to order a copy, PM Chris on Atari Age and read the thread here: Another Captain Bruce pre-preorder thread (Odyssey 1).

I'll make a review once i get my copy, and in the meanwhile i'll post tonight or tomorrow some new releases. (PS: read the thread to know which games...heh..heh...heh...)


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