Thursday, 27 October 2016

Reply to Brian aka CN10

First, sorry for the late reply Brian. I try my best to post, reply and code as much as i can but with kids, work and all the shi-bang isn't easy to have some free time. Hope you understand. :)

You sent me two comment, which are: "Thanks again for your hard work, and keeping the magic alive!! on October 13 and this one: "Okay, it worked; Now we all want to see the homebrews" on October 17.

My reply: "Thanks very much Brian but like i wrote that it's not easy to have free time with all that surrounds us (kids, work, etc) and i'm trying my best...well more like trying to find some time mostly (lol!). And as for the homebrews, i will show in due time (sorry, need to keep some mysteries to spice this!).

Not long after Halloween, i'll post the "Xmas" homebrew to satisfy the curiosity of certain readers (grin). In the meantime, have a safe and a Happy Halloween!

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  1. Hi,
    First off, i think that all understand that all of the coding takes time, and the homebrews will only be created if your time allows.

    Second, That Haunted House simulation is off the charts! Yes it's true that rules are all but incomprehensible (as the angry videogame nerd points out) but the game is there with the cards! One my childhood disapointments was that when I finally got to play the actual haunted house game, it was basically a piece of cling-wrap with a drawing on it. It wasn't really "on" the TV , the way that the paddles were. At that time J. Paul Getty was widely thought to be the worlds richest man (even though people would now snear at his measly one billion). But if Mr. Getty wanted to play Haunted House, he'd have to put the overlay over the screen and be content with it. Now anyone can have the Haunted House playfield actually "behind" the screen, which was my vision of what even a billion bucks couldn't buy back in the day. Plus the cards "magically" appear as part of the game as a bonus.

    This is a tremendous Halloween gift to all fans of retro gaming. Thank you, Sly ,very much!