Thursday, 27 October 2016

New version of "Haunted House"!

Hi folks!

As promised, i have finally updated the game "Haunted House" to the newer version of  LÖVE 0.10.1 and all the cards are now included witht the game (fully simulated). Please read the "OdySim-Haunted-ReadMe.txt" file inside the zip file.

For downloading, you can click "HERE" or in the right menu. The two next game to get an updated will be "Hockey" (the new season just began!) and "Submarine", and hopefully that it won't take a few months...(heh!) =P

And also, i'll have a new game (well...sort of) for Christmas that coming soon and this will be the first "Xmas-theme" game for the Odyssey!

EOL! (In this case for Halloween, End Of Life!! MOUHAHAHAH!!!!)

--- Sly "Crazy" DC --- =P

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