Sunday, 16 October 2016

OdySim 2016-2017

Hi folks!

Until the end of this year (2016) and to the next (2017), here is what i intend to do step by step as my "frre-time" is almost non-existant since this summer:

All the original 12 games that came with the ITL200 will be released in 3 waves and each will be individual games with the LÖVE version 0.10.1:

1st wave: Tennis (already released), Haunted House (trying to release it before Halloween), Hockey and Submarine.

2nd wave: Analogic, Cat and Mouse, Ski and Table Tennis.

3rd wave: Football, Roulette, Simon Says and States.

4th wave: All 4 games for the Rifle Gun (Dogfight, Prehistoric Safari, Shooting Gallery and Shootout).

5th wave: All the extra games of 1972 (Baseball, Fun Zoo, Handball, Invasion, Volleyball and Wipeout).

6th wave: All the extra games of 1973 + 2 exclusives (Basketball, Brainwave, Interplanetary Voyage, W.I.N. + Percepts (giveaway) and Soccer (European released only)).

7th wave: Homebrews by Robert A. Vinciguerra, Chris Read and ManCaveArcade (Odball, Menthis Cohorts, Dodgeball, Odyssey Evil and Red-Blue) (Note; Missing approval of ManCaveArcade as i still haven't asked his permission).

8th wave: All my Homebrews i did since 2009 (Steps & Slides, Monopoly (OdySim Edition), Alien Invaders (Rifle game), Duck Hunting (Rifle game), Super Blip!, Two-for-Tennis (hommage to William Higinbotham and Robert Dvorak), Vector Tennis, Bull's Eye, Bean Tossin', DOT Pigeons (Rigfle game), Maze-A-Chase and Air Hockey (Sanders Associates Edition)).

NOTE: BTW, i have more Homebrews i did since i've started this project...Hey! Can't tell you everything as i need some mysteries to spice up this blog! (LOL!)

I will have problems to release the 5th wave of games as two of them (Baseball and Invasion) are still missing pictures/scans of certain accesories to be able to fully simulate them:

* Game Board
* Scoreboard (i could replicate it)
* All CARDS: x26 Line Up Cards (x13 blue and x13 red), x10 Power Cards, x10 Big Break Cards (all cards each both sides)

* x40 Treasure Loot Cards (each both sides)
* x4 Ship tokens (each both sides)

If anyone can provide great pictures or scans (minimum 300 DPI), i will very very thankful! =)

So this is my "rap sheet" for this upcoming 2016-2017 period and hoping that i will have the time needed to do all this!

So until next time... EOL! =)

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  1. Okay, it worked; Now we all want to see the homebrews!