Sunday, 9 October 2016

Reply to CN10

Hi Brian (aka CN10)!

Sorry for the very late reply, been so much busy these past 3 months that seems only 2 weeks has past. I'll have some "me-time" next weekend (finally!) so i'll try my best to finish the Haunted House game with all accessories by Halloween and "if" i can, i'll try to release other Odyssey games.

Maybe one day, i could simulate the "Odyssey Evil" (and the bonus game: Spirit Portal) game by "ManCaveArcade" but i have to ask him permission first and will need better pictures and scans as i have only low-rez pictures. I know, this game is very gory-looking but has Halloween written all over it. Just check the posts on AtariAge: Odyssey Evil Homebrew Official Pre-Order Thread Only 25 copies

So there's at least two Halloween-theme games for the Magnavox Odyssey but no Christmas-theme one as Xmas is also coming in less than 3 months. Anyone up to make a Xmas homebrew game for the Odyssey ? Oh wait!... i may have one in mind! I'll share it very soon! 

EOL =)

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  1. Thanks again for your hard work, and keeping the magic alive!