Monday, 21 September 2015

Dodgeball approval

I finally found my old text file when i asked Chris if i could add "Dodgeball" for the Odyssey simulator, so here's my e-mail sent to him:

From: Sly DC
To: "e-mail address withheld"
Sent: Saturday, October 27, 2012 6:15 PM
Subject: Magnavox Odyssey Dodgeball

Hi Chris,

My name is Sylvain De Chantal but maybe you know me by my nickname "slydc".
I wanted to ask you if i could have permission to "simulate" your Odyssey homebrew
game Dodgeball because i'm in the process of coding a Magnavox Odyssey simulator
in LUA (so it can be adapted to various OS). I already have scans of the overlay,
scorecard and the manual. My Magnavox Odyssey simulator will be available free
of charge since it is for digitally preserve/archiving proposal.

Please let me know about this since i will include both Robert Vinciguerra (aka Rev.Rob)
Odball and Mentis Cohorst homebrew games in a future release of the simulator. I won't
ask Rev.Rob for his approval since he never shipped his Mentis Cohorst game to anyone
who paid in advanced, so in a way, he lost his copyright to his homebrew games. At least
this way, people will enjoy playing those games free of charge.

Oh, almost forgot! Will you ever release your "Captain Bruce and his Cosmic
Boomerang" game ?

Thanks and looking forward to hear from you. :)

--- Sly DC ---

And this was Chris reply:

From: Chris Read "e-mail address withheld"
To: Sly DC
Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2012 12:49 PM
Subject: Re: Magnavox Odyssey Dodgeball

Sure. As for Capt. Bruce, I totally forgot about that. I may start that project back up
again. Good luck with your Odyssey simulator.

So here you have it, the first homebrew to be approved, but just realized that i took too
much time to continue the work....damn that time flies!! Oh and as i reading the correspondence,
i do state that i will include both Odball and Mentis Cohorst in the simulator and that i won't ask him for his approval but that I DID a week or two after this e-mail. I went to his web site/blog and sent him an e-mail but came back the day after with the mention "mailer-deamon failure" and also on Atari Age, his last visit dates: Jul 30 2012 5:39 PM.

Rev.Rob did released Mentis Cohorst on July 16, 2012 and sent copies of his games to people how brought it, but some received the game complete while others with missing parts. So what the hell i'm going to do with Odball and Mentis Cohorst ? Include them in OdySim  without his approval or wait that maybe....maybe one day i get a response ? I think that's a debate will have on Atari Age after the first release of OdySim.

Now i need to ask (sooner or later) ManCaveArcade about his "Odyssey Evil" homebrew game to get his approval to include it (as well his bonus game "Spirit Portal") in a future release of OdySim, so stay tuned folks!

--- Sly DC ---

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