Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Tweaks, Atari Age forum & Overkal Soccer overlay

I made some tweaks in the menu, specifically when browsing the games. Now even if you reach the last game (at the bottom) or the first game (on the top), the red strip now goes to the last game listed at the bottom if you go up at the first game and also goes vice-versa, so now it's going full circle instead of stopping at the first and last game.

As for the Atari Age forum, i decided last night to make a post of the OdySim and put a link to this blog so that people of this forum can see how the OdySim is progressing. The link is here:

And finally, i wrote that i would add the Overkal Soccer overlay in the next version (v0.2) but the problem is that i just finished the overlay and already add it in the simulator, but i deleted the "Soccer (B)" which was using the cartridge #5. Cart #5 is just used to make an eleven meter kick...yup...only to make a kick so i simply "kicked" it out of the simulator..LOL!!!

Here.s a screenshot of the overlay with game play:

I hope that i got the numbers right because it's not easy sometime to zoom in a picture, half of the image is too blurry to see so if anyone out there could take high definition pictures, this will be very helpful!

--- Sly DC ---

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