Saturday, 19 September 2015

OdySim: coming soon!

Hi folks!

After an almost 3 years "lost in the fog of time", i decided to continue my work on the LOVEOdyssey, which i call now: OdySim since the old name was more than a codename than a name). The OdySim is a simulator of the first ever video game console/system released in 1972 (think it was in August 1972 to be more precise) which was the "Odyssey" by Magnavox.

Well i won't tell the whole history of this system (check Wikipedia) for the whole inchelada, but
it was called the "Brown Box" created by Ralph H. Baer and with the great help of William L. Harrison and William T. Rusch, before it wa sold to Magnavox and released as the "Odyssey".
Well, ever since the released of this "Holy Grail", we are still in the odyssey of video gaming and
after 43 years, things have really changed but the fun remains the same! =)

I have posted a video on my Youtube channel of the beta version of the OdySim (still called the LOVEOdyssey). After 3 days, i finally rename the project and i just finished the "Dogfight" overlay which was half-finished still the last time i worked on the simulator.

So check the video:

So what is simulated in the OdySim (v.01b) ? Here's what:

* All cartridges (#01 to 12, yes even the unreleased #11!).
* All 12 original games that came with the game system (Analogic, Cat and Mouse, Football, Haunted House, Hockey, Roulette, Simon Says, Ski, States, Submarine, Table Tennis and Tennis).
* All extra released games (Baseball, Basketball, Brainwave, Fun Zoo, Handball, Interplanetary Voyage, Invasion, Volleyball, W.I.N. and Wipeout).
* All four games for the Rifle Gun (Dogfight, Prehistoric Safari, Shootout and Shooting Gallery).
* Also these games (Percepts (giveaway), Soccer (exclusive European overlay), Dodgeball (homebrew by Chris Read - have his approval), Red VS. Blue (homebrew by Robert A. Vinciguerra - it is a FREE homebrew) and finally Futbol game which is an exclusive game on the Telematch de Panoramic (Argentian Odyssey clone).
* Every overlays for all the games listed (except Table Tennis, cart #11 and Futbol which no official overlays exists).
* Simulation of the Rifle Gun (uses Mouse).
* Wall Center Adjust .
* Ball Speed Adjust.
* Automatic centering wall in games (but can change position).
* Automatic centering the "English" for both players (easier for people who never tried the real thing).
* Both players paddles (square spots) are automatically positioned for each games.
* Some bugs corrected (Many thanks to Nicholas Broetzman for pointing them out).

 Not too shabby for a future first release ?! (wink!)

 But before i will release the first version, i just need to finish doing all the instruction sheets for all the games (only cart #11 has no instruction sheet) and also add an intro screen. Depending on "spare" time, i estimate that i will release the first version before the end of this year (2015).

So stay tuned! =)

--- Sly DC ---

P.S: Just for fun, here's some screenshots until the first release! :p

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