Saturday, 19 September 2015

1st update: two new games added!

After made the first post here on this blog, i just finished adding 2 new games as bonuses, these are two of some of the homebrews i've made since 2009. They are: Duck Hunting and Maze-N-Chase.

Duck Hunting is pretty self explained: You try to shoot down ducks with the Rifle Gun. One player moves the"spot" behind a duck and the other player tries to shoot it before the other player moves his spot. So this is a new game for the Rifle Gun! Heh...when you'll see what the overlay looks like, you will be very familiar if you ever played the NES. Fun fact: Duck Hunting is based upon an old Nintendo game (i'll let you discover by yourself) which uses the Rifle Gun but did you know that the Magnavox Odyssey Rifle Gun was actually made by Nintendo ! YUP!! So for a new shooting game for the Rifle, why not make some kind of "honor" to the company who made the Rifle!

OK now for the second brew game: Maze-N-Chase. This one is based on the first ever game developed on the "Brown Box" called CHASE. Chase was a simple game that one player tried to avoid the other player and if the second player made contact (spot touches other spot), the other player (spot) disappeared. But Maze-N-Chase is pretty similar accept that you try to get the other player thru a maze from the green corner to the red corner.

Of course, the wall of the maze are only drawn on the overlay, so just "try" to stay inside the corridors (same as Cat and Mouse) and not cheat to catch the other player. So that's it for today and stay tuned folks! =)

--- Sly DC ---

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