Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Soccer overlay(S)

Here's a game that we in North America never had with the Odyssey (bundled) or sold as an individual game (example: Volleyball), so this game is an exclusive European release (and also in South America) but...there is two, not one, but two Soccer overlays with different art design: The first one which many knows and was bundled with the ITT Odyssee (not a typo) and also with the German export version. This is what it looks like:

And the other Soccer (original name is Futbol) overlay was bundled with the Overkal and also another clone, which only an handfull of people saw this "mystery" clone and i only know one collector which has this mystery-clone (i will tell about it very soon, that's a promise!). So both these system has this overlay:

So be sure i will add the Overkal version in a future release of the OdySim but would be also great if Uppy from Atari Age forum would add also this version. See the post here: Odyssey Soccer Interest Check.

What can i say, i'm such a "sucker" when it comes to variations...LOL (get it ? "sucker..soccer ??  I know...i know...i can be such a "shower-sac" :P ) (P.S.: translate both words from English-to French and vise-versa...to understand what "shower-sac" means...heh...heh...heh...).

--- Sly DC ---

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