Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Cover of the OdySim manual

As i was going to make the Football instruction sheet for the simulator, finally realized that i will have a problem: how can i compact 6 sheets into 2 sheets ? Simply put, in the original manual of the Odyssey, Football has 6 pages and when i do a sheet for the simulator, the max is two pages (in one). Other games which has many pages is Interplanetary Voyage, it has 5 pages and Baseball which has 4 pages.

In the long run, it takes at least 60 pages for 28 games (all 12 included with the Odyssey, the 10 extra games sold in 1972 & 1973, the four games in the Shooting Gallery pack, Percepts and Soccer. And that's not counting Futbol in the Telematch de Panoramic J-5, released (and future) homebrew games and also some of my homebrew games.

So after trying to add the Football instruction page, i said "No *beep*ing way! The coding is not optimized and i'm just lucky that it simply works." So after reflection, why not make a PDF file like the scanned manual ? It's not like that a player will check a minimum 20 times the instruction sheet of a specific game, usually when someone plays on an Odyssey, they just play the most popular games so more a reason to make a PDF file with all the games rules of every released and brew games into one file. Now check out the cover:

All the pages will be 975x1255 so that if anyone tries to print it and to sell it afterwards, they will be screwed since the quality will be very bad, but at that size for reading, it is just satisfactory.

--- Sly DC ---

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