Saturday, 30 January 2016

OdySim Tennis now v0.3!

OdySim Tennis is now at version 0.3 and now has added new features and some corrections.

Correction was especially for the fullscreen: When changing resolution with either F7 or F8, the new resolution was displaying in window mode instead in fullscreen and you needed to press F1...well not anymore! Now the game boots in fullscreen (800x600 by default) and when you change resolution (with F7 or F8), it stays fullscreen (it was again a minor code error).

I also added mini-icons that tell if Sound or AI is activated (or not) when the OSD is activated (F5). When you press F5, it displays the resolution and if you have pressed F12 (sound) and/or F4 (AI - Player 1), it will display right after the OSD message box a yellow mini icon for sound and a red mini-icon for the AI. Many thanks for "Nico aka pucpuc" for the great suggestion! =)

And for last, i've added the small and big scoreboard for the Tennis game! I know it's isn't part of the original accessory for the Magnavox Odyssey Tennis game but this adds more fun. To activate this feature, you need to press F11 to display the small scoreboard, press F11 again to display the big scoreboard and F11 again if you want no display at all.

Check out the screenshots:

And here's a picture on an HDTV:

The mini-icons are on the right side, that's was a test. ;)

So download the OdySim Tennis v0.3 on the right of this post and have fun! =)

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reply to pucpuc:

Hi pucpuc! Many thanks for the HIREs overlays, i will add those to the upcoming versions. As for the download thing, i will put the files on very soon so it will be easier to anyone to download the files. Again thanks! =)

--- Sly DC ---

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  1. Why is your web sight not crashing with retro gaming traffic? There's people who've been waiting 20 years for the Odyssey Simulator you've developed! I give you my genuine and profound thanks and please put up a Paypal donate link for those who wish to support your future work.