Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Cat and Mouse + Simon Says

Here's not one but 2 games from the original pack-in games with the Magnavox Odyssey, they are: Cat and Mouse + Simon Says. Cat and Mouse has only the F7+F8 resolution buttons added and there is NO AI or Sound. As for Simon Says, it also has the F7/F8 resolution buttons added PLUS buttons "9" and "0" for displaying the cards that goes with the game. Just press "9" to display a random card an again for another one and so on....and press "0" to cancel displaying a card.

Simon Says also has NO AI or sound added (this game simply sucks but it's part of the library) as i simply simulated what was required, BUT...this is the first game that i have included a "randomizer" so other games will be simulated quite soon! :)

Enjoy these 2 games and others from the 12 games pack-in will follow soon! =)

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Reply to CN10 message:

 Why is your web sight not crashing with retro gaming traffic? There's people who've been waiting 20 years for the Odyssey Simulator you've developed! I give you my genuine and profound thanks and please put up a Paypal donate link for those who wish to support your future work.

It pleases me to see that you are enjoying the OdySim but for now, i don't seek any publicity as i'm still learning/developping the OdySim, maybe sometime in the future but for now it's really a WIP (work in progress). And as for donation(s), i'm not rich but i don't need money as i'm enjoying doing this as a past time hobby (and also to preserve this "Holy Grail" of all video game consoles/systems).
If people want to "donate" something, they just need to send pictures or scans of accessories that i'm missing to properly simulate the Magnavox Odyssey. I will list the missing accessories soon.

So thanks very much and take care! =)

--- Sly DC ---

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