Saturday, 12 March 2016

Odyssey sales would have boomed!! :P

Remember the old saying: An image is worth a thousand words ? In this case, a thousand words that slipped in a crack (LOL!!). If this ad really existed, this would have helped sales of the Odyssey, that's for sure!

OK, now for the serious stuff: It's been at least a month i haven't released or done anything for this blog and i won't make any excuses since health and family comes first. Even if nothing happened in the past month, i did make some research on the net and found a blog that talks about old computers, video games, electronic games, etc...but there is two post that got my attention as the person who is in charge of the blog, aka cAHOONAh, which he vectored all 11 original overlays and post them in PDF format.

I downloaded all his vector overlays and converted the Tennis one back into a PNG format and that gave me a 2209x1754 image file, and it looks awesome! I still haven't made a semi-transparent overlay out of the PNG file....yet! but be sure i'll do it very soon to see what kind of result this will give. Here's the link of his blog:

And here's the links to the two Odyssey vector overlays: and:

Have fun reading, browsing and downloading! =)

As the Terminator says: I'll be back! :D

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  1. Funny Ad! Actually, they might have taken the 1970’s aftershave approach and put a thought balloon over the woman’s head that reads “I never thought that Gus was very appealing before, but after 40 minutes of trying to figure out this tedious Football game, he looks downright . . . exciting!”