Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Back from another dimension...LOL!!!

Sigh...i wish i could travel to other dimensions and parallel Earths, but that's not the case. ;P

OK, now to the subject! It's been more than two months now that i haven't made any progress or even posted anything (until now) but that will change soon. I began this simulator about three years ago and i intend to finish it (eventually one day, always depends on time).

I wanted to reply to Dastari who commented about a month ago and i don't know why, i tried to reply back three times and it is never published so here's my reply:

"Hi Dastari,

Sorry for the very late reply and thanks for the support! I will begin to work on the OdySim in a couple of days as i'm finishing other small projects. Let me know what you think of OdySim so far, thanks again! =)"

In the next version, it will be without (fingers crossed!) any "bugs" and i'll try to included some few homebrew games as well and simulation of the first accessory:

 (have to start somewhere!)

So stay tuned folks! =)

1 comment:

  1. nice work!
    It would be great to have command line options like start in fullscreen and start directly into a game for emu frontends like hyperspin.