Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Some updates...

First, i want to reply to "Anonymous" which he wrote: "nice work! It would be great to have command line options like start in fullscreen and start directly into a game for emu frontends like hyperspin."

And here's my answer "Anonymous": Thanks very much! :) Sadly, LOVE doesn't take command lines, i tried that and read about it and this doesn't work at all...BUT! Read below so that you may used OdySim with a front-end like Hyperspin. =)
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I finally corrected the Tennis game as the two "spots" (players) that was not responding and also both "reset" buttons, it was a stupid code mistake. And now the default ball speed is set to 300 instead of 200 (just a tad faster).

Now for the menu...that is still a problem. I can't decide if  i try to correct the bug OR put a simple front-end so that anyone could use their own front-end (like Hyperspin) OR make each games completely individual executable.

Here's the real problem for now: I tried to code the different resolutions into the menu and that failed miserably, but...if i put the resolution code into an individual game (like i did for the Tennis game), now it works like a charm. So if i make each game "executable", this will work with different resolutions and can be used with any emulator front-end. Each game should be around 5 Megs of size, which is very, very small compared to a lot of games.

So the logical course would be to release the OdySim without the built-in menu so it can be used with any front-end emulator. What do you think of this people ? Post your comments!

P.S.: As for booting a game full screen, since each game will have the different resolution code, i can put the "state" to boot a game full screen instead in window mode and then you can choose the desired resolution (but you will need to press "F1" to make your new resolution full screen again - which is logical as you rotate thru different resolution) but at least, the game will boot full screen  right away. 

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  1. Hi Sly DC, thank for the response - I'm pucpuc at Hyperspin forums and know that people there would love to see your solution with individual executables.

    I did not understand what you mean with boooting into fullscreen and then having to press F1, but in Hyperspin or another frontend this could be accomplished with an ahk launcher script if it would be possible to choose the res by pressing a different key for different resolutions.
    the launcher would wait for the game starting - then it would sent the keys for the resolution to match the desktop res.

    Regards, Nico aka pucpuc