Tuesday, 14 June 2016

New "Tennis" version!

I finally corrected the "bug" that was bugging me...LOL!! It's was only a small coding error that i forgot to add (DOH!), but now i can begin to upgrade all the rest of the games.

But before doing that, here is the latest "OdySim Tennis" (or in the menu on the right side) version which is in sync with the latest LÖVE version (0.10.1). And i added a new feature thanks to Brian (aka CN10) which you can now decrease or increase the AI level (with buttons "9" and "0") so this way you can "beat" the AI, because before this version the AI was unbeatable. And also, the "F9" button now works (you can switch OFF or ON the overlay).

So download this new version and send me (see the read-me text for my e-mail address) or leave a comment if there is any bug(s) or error(s) or to say what you think of it.

EOL =)


  1. That's really cool! As always hats off to Sly DC for ensuring that our children don't have to grow up in a world with no Odyssey Simulator (actually let's face it . . . these kids nowadays aren't interested in anything that can't be played on an iphone). OK, so I'm trying to see how dialed-up I can get the AI, and still score a point. I have a rules question--do I lose a point if I return the ball out of bounds (and can you kind of specify the details on that?) Anyway, amazing that I'm actually playing an Odyssey again after 40+ years!
    As for Beach Volleyball . . . I would say that the OdySim is now heading for an ESRB rating of M, given the already present themes of survival-horror, gambling, and intense and graphic images of dinosaur violence!) Seriously, Thanks again for these truly excellent upgrades!!

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