Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Summer time small break

Hi folks!

Since it is summer and i have my kids 24h/day and 7 days/week since school is finished (hey...not easy to take care of two kids as a single parent), the OdySim project has been on hold and will be for the rest of August. So enjoy summer until it's last day because this is i'm doing.

Even if i'm taking a break, this doesn't mean that ideas/projects are put aside. I'm planning to make a TTL version of the Odyssey with only a few TTL's (6 to 8) since i saw the "Brown Box" at M.Baer's home. (BTW, the Brown Box that was at M.Baer's home was a TTL version since the real one is at the Smithsonian Museum and this one is made with transistors, no TTLs). And yes, i did meet Ralph H. Baer at his home with four others members of the C.C.J.V.Q. (Sarah Szefer, Éric St-Cyr, Pascal Reeves and Éric Assouline) on April 21, 2012. Visiting his home was like traveling back to the end of the 60's (no kidding!). Everything was as if it was just brought and installed, if i could have any feeling of time traveling, his house was the perfect place, like entering a warp or vortex and go 50 years back...it was awesome!

Anyhow, i will post some pics in the future but in the meantime, you can watch the interview made by Éric St-Cyr and Sarah Szefer right here:

And finally, Brian (aka CN10) posted this comment on June 15, 2016:

That's really cool! As always hats off to Sly DC for ensuring that our children don't have to grow up in a world with no Odyssey Simulator (actually let's face it . . . these kids nowadays aren't interested in anything that can't be played on an iphone). OK, so I'm trying to see how dialed-up I can get the AI, and still score a point. I have a rules question--do I lose a point if I return the ball out of bounds (and can you kind of specify the details on that?) Anyway, amazing that I'm actually playing an Odyssey again after 40+ years!
As for Beach Volleyball . . . I would say that the OdySim is now heading for an ESRB rating of M, given the already present themes of survival-horror, gambling, and intense and graphic images of dinosaur violence!) Seriously, Thanks again for these truly excellent upgrades!!

And here's my reply Brian:

Thanks very much but i don't deserve the credit for insuring that our children won't grow up without not knowing the Odyssey, they are plenty of people who are more qualified. :)

Well Beach Volleyball wasn't intented to be "rated M", just sexy. Better be sexy than gory i can tell you that. And glad that you liked the newer version, wait until the others new versions...i'm sure you gonna like them! =)

So enjoy summer folks and see you at the end of August or beginning of September! =)

EOL =)

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