Saturday, 11 June 2016

OdySim update

Here's a small update to let you know all where OdySim is standing:

8 games are finished, meaning the game, overlay and accessories (if any) are coded each in a self-executable. The games are: Analogic, Cat and Mouse, Hockey, Simon Says, Ski, Submarine, Table Tennis and Tennis.

Only 4 are left to finished, which are:

* Football (this one has many accessories...argh!)
* Haunted House (only missing the cards)
* Roulette (all accessories need to be coded)
* States (Map is done, now missing the 50 cards)

As some of you already knows, i code the games in LUA with the help of the LOVE engine, but i'm still using LOVE version 0.8.0 and i ran into a new problem: the canvas...well sort of a problem. The problem with the canvas (this is what gives any resolution) is any shades between white and black (it includes also grey BTW) is when i try to make a shade with transparency, it does not quite work. Let me explain...

If i take either white, grey or black (shades), transparency does work but any spots (player, ball or wall) is painting the canvas...yes painting and i tried so many things and none seems to work so instead of using any shades for transparency, i am now using a different color...say blue sky instead of grey for the overlay of  States. This way any spots doesn't "paint" the canvas but the only problem left is that the overlay isn't colored exactly as the original overlay.

But that may be only a version problem of the engine as i'm still using an old version. I will try to test out with the last version released of  LOVE (version 0.10.1) to see if i'm getting the same results or not. If  the canvas gives better results with the latest version, the original 12 games will have to be released a few weeks later to give me the time to adapt the codes between versions.

EOL (for now...) ;)

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  1. Thank you so much for all the work you put into this! I'm really looking forward to the updated Haunted House. Question: can the AI in the new Tennis game be beaten? The opponent paddle seems to move 1:1 with the english I throw at it, and I haven't got on the scoreboard yet. (If there's a winning strategy, I'd really like to hear it). Anyway, it is all awesome!