Thursday, 22 October 2015 THE day!

First, i wanted to say sorry if i neglected the OdySim for a couple of days, i just wanted to help out the MESS team with emulating the NEC uPD77xC dedicated game chips series and now most of the information has been analysed, it was time to get back to the OdySim.

So the day that i'm releasing the first version of the OdySim and i think that many of you was waiting for this. This took about 3 years (in spare times/illness/scanning/coding/etc...) to finally arrive to this version, the worst was the menu (front-end) that took more time then the simulator itself. I'm no coding expert, just a beginner in LUA and before that i've learned some HTML and before that...Atari BASIC..yup..BASIC! Now that tells you how old i am...LOL!!

Source of the simulator will be available in the future,and today i'll be releasing the 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions (for the 64-bit version, i will need someone to try it out since i'm only using Windows 7 32-bit). Also, please download the OdySim manual (in PDF) to know how the simulator works, especially if you never tried a Magnavox Odyssey. The only major difference between a Mgnavox Odyssey and the OdySim is that the simulator has a self-centering English. I coded this so that it would be easier to play and the best thing is that engineers at Magnavox had this idea back then.

So download the Windows version you need and also the manual. For the simulator, just unpack it in a folder and run the executable..voila! All download files are in the upper-corner of this blog (under Links). So try it out and please send me comments, ideas, a 6-pack of Coca-Cola (lol!)...have fun! =)

--- Sly DC ---

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