Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Don't worry...be happy!

Ah crap...now i have this "tune" in my head...(Don't worry...be happy!). Well just writing that i'm still working on the OdySim manual and it's going slowly but surely. This week-end, i was trying to fix an Bandai TV-Jack 2500 and i have finally fix it 2-3 hours ago, so i will make a longer video of this extremely rare game console in the days to come  and also a simulator but for that, check from time to time my LÖVEMESS blog.

In the meantime that i'm finishing the OdySim manual, here's a list of things that i will add in version 0.2 (or future ones) of the OdySim:

* Able to choose 4:3 (normal) or 16:9 (widescreen) ratio screen.
* Add all the rest of my homebrew games.
* Add "Odball" and "Mentis Cohorts".
* Add "Odyssey Evil" and " Spirit Portal" of  ManCaveArcade (in a future version).
* Put all Released games (28 in all) in alphabetic order in the menu.
* Simulating the accessories (game aids).
* And also other "surprises".

As for the accessories (game aids), i will begin with these games: Hockey, Simon Says, Haunted House, Percepts, Soccer, Basketball and Dodgeball. And the games that don't have any accessories to add are: Cat and Mouse, Dogfight, Handball, Shooting Gallery, Shootout, Prehistoric Safari, Ski, Submarine, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball and Futbol (Telematch de Panoramic).

--- Sly DC ---

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