Tuesday, 27 October 2015

And now...the bugs report

It's been now five days that i have released the first version of OdySim and now it is time for a small bugs report: James Brolly wrote to me that he tested out the OdySim this past week-end and saw these kwirks/bugs/etc:

* The "F8" switch: when you press it, it displays another menu with other games but the problem is that once you enter in a game (in menu 2) and exit afterwards, you come back to menu 1. He also suggested to put another picture (below the menu) that would state "press ESC or use F8 to cycle through game menus". That is a great idea! And this bug was already on my "fix-it" so this will be fixed in the next version.

* The "spots" (the big white squares for bats) and the reset buttons in the Tennis game aren't working. I just test it before posting this and he is right, i can't move those spots or reset the ball. That is weird because last time i checked it, it was working fine. Must be a tiny mistake in the code i left out without rechecking. Like Homer would say: "DOH!!"

* And the last thing, which isn't a bug or whatsoever, is the ball speed by default. James wrote that the ball is moving a bit too slow and he is right on that part because the ball speed is set to 200 by default but you can change the ball speed whenever you want (if it is part of a game) but when i started to code the OdySim, it was set to 300 instead of 200 but put it at 200 for testing the simulator and i never put back the original ball speed intended. I will put back the ball speed to 300 as before.

So thanks to James, the next version will be better. Oh and he also suggested to have different windows size resolutions, both in 4:3 and 16:9. When you try the F1 button, this adapts the screen to the resolution set on your PC monitor or TV screen as i have shown in a previous post how the OdySim looked like on a big LCD TV screen at 1920x1080 resolution. So this leaves only to code the different windows sizes.

Oh and also, if you check out the OdySim manual, there is the instruction of Odball and Mentis Cohorts but the games aren't in the simulator. That is because i was still waiting for an answer from Robert A. Vinciguerra (aka Rev.Rob) and my email came back with the mention "Mailer-Deamon". So looks like there is no way to contact him, and even more, he sent some Mentis Cohorts games to people who paid a copy of his game in advanced and either they received it complete, half-complete or with missing parts. After which he never logged back on AtariAge and never replied back to anyone so i will put Odball and Mentis Cohorts in the next version of OdySim even if i never had his permission officially.

So i'll be working on the "bugs" in the following days and also start to simulated the accessories so stay tuned folks! =)

--- Sly DC ---

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