Saturday, 24 December 2016

Have a Merry Odysimas!!

First, i wish everyone a Merry Christmas (or like in the title: Merry Odysimas!! LOL!!)

It's been a month the last time i've made an update to this blog and nothing has been done since. But i have a week off with my kids so be sure i'll enjoy every moment with them (as kids grow up too fast) but during this week, i'll "try" to released the four remaining games (Football, Simon Says, States and Roulette) of the original 12-pack but i do not make any promise.

But in the meantime, here's my replies to everyone who posted during the past month:

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Posted by CN10 on November 24, 2016:

 I don't know if I was on a rampage, but I do admit to dumping a lot of quarters into Rampage, back in the day (and was also berserk for Bezerk). I'm really looking forward to getting down to play-testing this new release of games. I watched the video for the Christmas game and at the 1 minute mark exclaimed "Holy Bleep, it's snowing!"
That game looks great, but before I see what it's all about I have to play through Analogic and the others.

Before I forget, here's the deal with the usb controller: I have a wired Xbox360 controller and use Xpadder. Use this link for details as to how to set it up:

Its pretty easy. I have the reset buttons mapped to the triggers, but you can customize it to your liking. It makes Submarine relatively easy to play. (As an Idea, I'm wondering what if you had the AI just fire random torpedos and if the game would actually then be playable. Alternately you could pair it with the Skiing overlay and pretend it was the opening scene of the Spy Who Loved Me)

Thanks for all you do and I will have specific comments on each game as I play it.

And my reply:

Hi Brian! LOL!! I'm still Berzerking that Coleco never released their Berzerk tabletop but that's another story! Yeah, i've put an extra code which was made by "Brice Thomas aka Cowa" (love-snowflakes-effect) which you can get here: but the sad part is that the original hardware can't produce this (simulators/emulators are the next best thing in this case).

And thanks for the link for the USB controller video, this will be very handy once i have finished the OdySim (as i have another (harware) project in mind once the OdySim completely finished). 

I've noted your idea for the Submarine game as this will make more fun to play (as an extra feature) while still keeping the original game feeling (same as for all Odyssey games)...LOL!!!! You just described the whole "magic" back in 1972..."pretend" (or lots of imagination) but i usually say that the best things in life are always the simplest.

So continue to bring all the ideas as i always appreciate them and it makes the OdySim more fun to play and the same for any comments you posted or will post, so Merry Xmas to you and your whole family! (and a Jolly Ho!Ho!Ho!) =)

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Anonymous posted on December 21, 2016 this comment:

Wicked man, can't believe how cool it all looks, there's another team i'm aware of (not mentioning specifically who or what team) that's going to be developing recreations of older and lesser known games from different consoles starting in 2017, so you're not alone.

 And my reply:

Great that you like how OdySim looks like as i'm trying my best to simulate all the games as programming isn't my cup of tea (i'm way more confortable with hardware). So i won't be alone in this quest of simulating 1st generation games ? COOOOLLL!!!!!

I know that there is a group which is preserving video arcade games from 1972 to mostly 1976 (all discrete arcade games) as i'm part of them. But as for discrete and dedicated (consoles) games, i'm more than happy to know that there other folks who wants to do the same.

So let's see what 2017 is reserving for us retro gamers! =)

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Zodac post this comment on December 22, 2016:

I'd be happy to send you whatever files I have. Not sure how to contact you.

And my reply:

Hello Mr.Vinciguerra!

So happy to see that we've made contact as my last attemp to contact you was by Ebay on March 15, 2016. I think i have all the files (documents/pictures) for simulating all your homebrew games but i will check this week just to be sure.

What i really need is that i have your permission to simulate all your Odyssey homebrews (Odball, Mentis Cohorts and Red vs. Blue) for the OdySim as these will more complete it's library and also to preserve your games.

You can contact me (as anybody else) at the email address:

(Note to myself: need to put this email address into this blog and others!)

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So again, have a Merry Odysimas (Xmas) to you all! =)

--- Sly DC ---

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