Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Now it's me on a rampage! (LOL!)

Looks like i had some time today so i have updated not one but FIVE!! Yes, five games! Here's which games: Analogic (with sound and red chips), Cat and Mouse, Ski, Table Tennis (with sound, AI, scoreboards and not one but two overlays) and the last game: Santa's Gifts Hunt (added the first overlay draft as a bonus game - many thanks for CN10 for the suggestion!).

You can dowload all these new updates on the right menu, just click and save where you want it.

Ok, now there is only 4 games left on the 12 original games that came with the Odyssey, which leaves: Football (this one will be a pain in ass!), Roulette, Simon Says and States.

So enjoy all these five new updates until the next ones! =)



  1. I don't know if I was on a rampage, but I do admit to dumping a lot of quarters into Rampage, back in the day (and was also berserk for Bezerk). I'm really looking forward to getting down to play-testing this new release of games. I watched the video for the Christmas game and at the 1 minute mark exclaimed "Holy Bleep, it's snowing!"
    That game looks great, but before I see what it's all about I have to play through Analogic and the others.

    Before I forget, here's the deal with the usb controller: I have a wired Xbox360 controller and use Xpadder. Use this link for details as to how to set it up:

    Its pretty easy. I have the reset buttons mapped to the triggers, but you can customize it to your liking. It makes Submarine relatively easy to play. (As an Idea, I'm wondering what if you had the AI just fire random torpedos and if the game would actually then be playable. Alternately you could pair it with the Skiing overlay and pretend it was the opening scene of the Spy Who Loved Me)

    Thanks for all you do and I will have specific comments on each game as I play it.

  2. Wicked man, can't believe how cool it all looks, there's another team i'm aware of (not mentioning specifically who or what team) that's going to be developing recreations of older and lesser known games from different consoles starting in 2017, so you're not alone.

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  4. Just discovered your wonderful simulator. Thank you so much for allowing us to experience these early games. You are playing a massive part in video game preservation.
    Your a very talented and generous fella. Thank you.

  5. Analogic

    Thanks to the wonders of Sly's fantastic OdySim I am now able play these old 'gems'.
    I roped my offspring (daughter in my case) into playing.

    Mixed report if we stuck to the games rules we got caught in cul-de-sac's and keeping 'interstellar contact' just got annoying. However we tweaked the rule set dumping the 'interstellar contact' gimmick completely and both started with 8 diagonal chips so if we ended up in said cul-de-sac's we had a way out.
    Turns out with these 'mods' my daughter had a fun time, we will probably never play this again but we enjoyed it.

    However the Odyssey is pretty superfluous for this game, it is essentially a board game with the Odyssey merely supplying your avatar.

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