Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Bad and good news

Hi folks,

I have bad & good news. Since i've moved (a month ago), my main hard disk (a 3 TB Seagate) has a (or more) bad sector(s) on it and some of my data are affected by this %?&%$?%& problem like my 1st generation game console database/Projects/etc...BUT! At least the problem didn't affected the OdySim folders and now these are already back-up on another hard disk (that's the good news!).

Now the bad news is that since the past month, i've been trying to save all the data on the 3 TB HD in my spare time and it's moving at a very slow (Turtle) paste and the worst is that even with 3 other hard disks, i'm beginning to have no more space and trying to back-up 2.75 TB (yup, it's almost full) on DVD-R's is completely insane as i would need more than 600 DVD-R's!! And no, i don't trust those "clouds" transfer service and all related as those sites are easely hacked.

So for the rest of July, there will be no new releases for the OdySim as i'm on vacation with my kids and if i'm lucky, work on the OdySim will resume in August "IF" i have saved all the data from my damn %?&?&$?! 3 TB Seagate HD and that's my priority for now as i don't want to loose a few years of accumulated data/other projects/information.

Like the Terminator says: "I'll be back!" (LOL!)

--- Sly DC ---


  1. that sucks man, i feel for ya.

  2. Hi. I just downloaded your OdySim Basketball and, oh my gosh, you did such a great job. Congratulations, I was so curious to see how these games would really look like in person, but I never owned a Magnavox because I wasn't even born when those came out. LOL

  3. Sorry about the tech failure. You're right, It seems you like you either have to worry about your hard drive failing, or worry about your back up on the cloud getting hacked. I also agree that you did a great job with Basketball! That's an especially good thing because I think Basketball is the most legitimately playable game on the Odsyssey (except, of course, for the highly engrossing and addictive Simon Says). Thanks again and good luck!

  4. Amazing! I remember long time ago, I tried to run an MsDos Odysey emulator and I couldn't.
    Odysim works nice and even have lightgun emulation.
    Would it be possible to have an option to show or hide the red crosshair? so lightgun users would be able to play these games like the original.
    Anyway many thanks for this!

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